The Lotus Flower Blooms Most Beautifully from the Deepest and Thickest Mud.
— Buddhist Proverb

Welcome to Blue Lotus Family Wellness. 

Imagine if you could see life from a place of peace and love.  Imagine a life filled with joy and vitality, where your access to your inner guidance empowers your every step. It is my honor to support you so that you unfold into your truest self.

Recent testimonials:

Over my 32 years in private practice as a psychotherapist and a healer, I have worked with many practitioners. Marla’s work is among the best as she is an authentic channel of the Divine, allowing both LOVE and LIGHT to heal. My body and soul receive her healing naturally and easily where there is a space of no judgment— only pure embrace to relax into. I highly recommend the purity of her work.
— Roberta Pughe, ED.S., LMFT Clinical Director, The Center for Relationship, LLC Founder, The School of Embodied Enlightenment

" I had not expected the full, deep relaxation. I had no expectation when I arrived, and I can tell you with no exaggeration that I rarely, if ever, achieved that same level of peace and relaxation I had while I was in your expert hands.  I came in a stressed out mess, on the verge of tears and then over the edge. I left calm and purposeful, in closer touch with my heart's wisdom" Heidi R. Livingston, NJ

"I started using the Lily Combo Elixir that Marla gave me during December 2016.  I suffer from anxiety, and its worst incarnation can cause a panic attack.  Now, I feel a deep calm and empowerment... the drops appear to help me focus on the positive, find humor in just about every potential disaster, advance through difficult or complex situations without collecting tumbleweeds, and finally, enhance my ability to talk openly about my feelings. I felt the effects of this elixir, and my spirit was ‘lighter," after 72 hours of using two drops on the tongue, twice daily.  And this lightness, brightness, and calm is permeating all aspects of my work and home life.    " - Diane, New Jersey

An important part of my work is to support your energy with Light Language. Light language are creation codes that speak to your cells, and they are a beautiful way of moving energy and restoring balance and health to the body.

Please enjoy the special meditation with light language below. 

With love and light.
— Marla

I have created a new website that has links to some of my videos. You may check it out here.




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 I have created a new website that has links to some of my videos. You may check it out here.

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