My work is a reflection of who I am. The modalities that I use stem from what have been effective for me, and from my own path towards living a meaningful, joyful and loving life.

Specifically, I draw from my background in education, child development, neurological development, energy healing, meditation, spiritual teachings and singing to assist people -- adults and children.

I am passionate about supporting each and every individual to unleash their gifts so that they can be the person they are meant to be in the world. This passion includes a particular interest in working with children who are sensitive, and may be considered to be on the Autism Spectrum.

My approach centers around supporting you or your child to regain connection. Connection to what? To:

- Your own inner peace that resides in you

- Your inner wisdom 

- Well being in body and mind

In my consulations and classes I provide you with tools that you can use that will become the foundation of a healthier, more connected and more satisfying life for you and/or your children.  Two of the key parts of building this foundation include the use of the following modalities:

 Flora Corona and flower essences support us --- children and adults, so that we can live our best lives, from our highest selves.  These essences can be catalysts for change -- they support you to feel better -- to see things more clearly; to feel more joy; to have your life unfold with greater ease. You have to use them to believe all of this and more.

Through meditation we can become closer to our true essence of love – and experience a feeling of inner peace and greater awareness.

When we, as adults, are living with joy, love in our hearts, and are leading lives guided by intention,  our children, and our wider communities, benefit. If I can help you to live in this way I am humbled and grateful.

Here is a bit about my journey...

Even as a child, I had some understanding that each of us is a unique individual, with something special to offer the world. This notion lived within me for a long time, and while it was deeply buried, there was a part of me that always loved encouraging people to find their gifts. After college, when I was working in New York City in the fashion industry, my father had a heart attack that almost ended his life. As he recovered, I saw the responses of family and friends. I saw how many lives he touched and all of the good that he had brought to people’s lives. At that moment I felt I needed to work for the greater good. I quit my job and went to work in a nonprofit organization. Subsequently I pursued a masters degree from Columbia University in Education and Child policy. It was at Columbia that my interest in children, families and education began to take flight and form. After graduating I spent three years evaluating and researching national and local education and child care programs.

In 2002 my first child was born and I was catapulted into a new realm. Suddenly I had my very own research to do, and in between nursing and sleeping I spent a lot of time gazing and observing my oldest son. With my oldest son, the same fire that had lay dormant in me for so long — the fire and knowing that each person has their own gifts was ignited! Deep within me I held a passion for supporting him to be… himself. Luckily I soon found the work of scientist and philosopher, Rudolf Steiner. His insights into child development (which led to Waldorf Education among other things) have given my parenting a depth and a joy that are rare to find in today’s world.

Over the past several years, many challenges have presented themselves to me. My response throughout these challenges has been to seek information to better understand my three children and myself. While it has not been simple or easy for me to find answers as I am raising my children, I seem to have a knack for uncovering helpful information that is not readily accessible.

This journey toward answers has taken me down a few paths as I have sought to nourish and heal myself along with my children. One path is related to food, nutrition and cooking. I feel that without a healthy physical body, it is hard to heal anything. After I gained a solid understanding of nutrition and had learned the language of cooking, I set out to learn the language of herbs.

Throughout this journey (which of course I am still on!) a constant thread has been learning about child development, including neurological development. In order to deepen my understanding of child development I studied at Sophia's Hearth Family Center. My studies focused on supporting the developmental processes of the very young child.

After a few years of working with local practitioners to find answers to questions related to child development, I sought out the most cutting-edge healing modalities on the globe. I brought in practitioners from far and wide, even as far as New Zealand. I learned from them. Eventually,  I chose to go deeper into a vibrational healing modality called Flora Corona. This modality uses flower essences, and elixirs of colored light and gems, to be a catalyst for healing. Finally I had found a modality that was hugely transformative for me, and was beautiful. It was also the only modality that actually attracted my children. What a gift it has been to be able to use this modality with myself, my family and with others.

At this moment, and after all of my searching, ultimately I have come to realize that a healthy adult — in mind, body and soul, is the most important piece for a healthy family life, and indeed for a healthy and loving world. Developing a spiritual practice, including meditation, has been the icing on the cake yet also the wellspring of all else for me.

Among the the lessons I have learned is that we are each meant to be here on earth to live a joyful, loving life filled with purpose. While life is meant to have struggles, healing can be beautiful, it does not have to be so painful. We are meant to draw from the beauty and love that surround us as we heal. Our children are asking us to heal, so that they can heal. Indeed, healing one child is one step closer to healing the world.


"The studies of science and spirituality prove that there is an abundance of intelligent forces and energies in creation that have not been recognized previously.  Those forces are now being discovered and used in a beneficial and healing way in medicine and therapy".  Dr. Dina Rees MD

Feedback from clients:

Marla was very knowledgeable and supportive and I was guided to pick out the Flora Corona remedies. She then created a mixture of these remedies specific for my needs. Upon using the Flora Corona for the first time, I experienced immediate results. I released anxiety and my body was very relaxed and peaceful. I have been using the Flora Corona for the past month and it has been working with my body to create balance and harmony. I highly recommend working with Marla as she is very sensitive to the clients' needs. - Sharon S. Hillsborough, New Jersey, January 2015

My 10 year old daughter was having a very bad time separating from me. She would start to get anxious long before she got to school, and by the time the bell rang, she would be vibrating with worry. She would cry and cling to me, trying to delay the separation. After I’d leave she’d settle down and would be fine. It was just the parting. This had been going on since school began, for about 4 weeks. We’d tried several courses of action including seeing a therapist, flower essences, EFT, massage, cranial osteopathy and lots of patience. These all helped to gradually lessen the anxiety, but it remained a problem. Marla offered to see E and try the flora corona elixirs, so we set up a session. My daughter loved the colors. In the past whenever asked what her favorite color was, she’d reply ‘rainbow’. E pick several individual colors (orange first, then yellow turquoise and violet) but then she insisted that she couldn’t separate them and loved the whole rainbow. Marla kindly mixed up several bottles, one with the whole rainbow in it and we began to use them. Within a day or so, E asked me to take her shopping so she could pick out an orange shirt. She’s never chosen orange clothes before. Then she asked if she could take the remedies herself, whenever she wanted to. Well it’s been over a week now and E happily goes off to school in the morning. She even manages to give me a tear-free cheesy grin when we part. I’m not sure what ultimately caused the shift but this is what I find interesting. With Flora Corona, E got to decide what colors she needed, not me. Then she decided how she wanted to take them, not me. Perhaps allowing her to decide on how best to heal and move on made all the difference. – A.K. Hopewell, New Jersey, November 2013

From an eight year old boy -- I love my rainbow drops. I just feel that there is this ucontrollable force at my heart. From his mother -- My son has been less argumentative (since using Flora Corona).  He apologized for interrupting my phone conversation which is rare.  She said that she feels her Flora Corona bottle 'like a blessing' and that she has felt strengthened and more peaceful.  - Summer 2014

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