Working with me you will experience divine love and light to support you to live your best life.  What does this feel like?  My energy work allows you to feel very deep peace and relaxation and also amazing revitalization.   My intuitive coaching and meditation work will inspire you, guide you and give you clarity. My vibrational elixirs are gifts from nature that allow you to further unfold into your best self. Expect to feel more peace, more courage to try new things, and more joy in life.  My work is non-invasive, without side effects, and naturally and beautifully supports the innate wisdom of your body, mind and soul.  


 I work in partnership with the beauty and gifts of nature so that you can become your best self. Working with me you will uncover your gifts and grow into your best life with the support of divine love and light!  Each session is 1.5 hours and can be in person or on SKYPE. Discounts available for multiple sessions and for packages. To contact me to schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation please fill out the form below:

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Here is a recent testimonial:   

" I had not expected the full, deep relaxation. I can tell you with no exaggeration that I rarely, if ever, achieved that same level of peace and relaxation I had while I was in your expert hands.  I came in a stressed out mess, on the verge of tears and then over the edge. I left calm and purposeful, in closer touch with my heart's wisdom" Heidi R. Livingston, NJ

More about what I offer:

Private Sessions

Private sessions that support you and your child to live your best lives – expect more peace in your life; less anxiety; greater ease and more meaningful and fulfilling connection.  Watch as life becomes less of a struggle as you gain a greater understanding of your gifts and those of your children.  My heartfelt  understanding of people allows for a beautiful connection to people at all levels of sensitivity, including children with Autism.  I offer a space where you and your child are seen as your best selves and where we form a loving collaboration where healing unfolds naturally, joyfully, and beautifully. Each session includes a cup of my handcrafted nourishing Organic herbal tea. 

Classes and Workshops

Classes and workshops where you will be able to experience the peace within yourself; where you will feel supported and inspired to greet life with enthusiasm and more joy.  Classes and workshops can be targeted to many different audiences including parents, caregivers, and practitioners. Sample workshops include:  Mother's Circle of Love and Light; Transformational Flower of the Month Gathering; Replenishing your Heart for Caregivers. 

Everything I offer to you -- both my private sessions and classes and Seeds of Love (check out the tab on this website to learn more) share the same goal -- encouraging the connection that we all yearn for -- a connection with the love that resides within each of us; a heartfelt and joyful connection with others that allows everyone to be their best and truest selves; and a connection with the natural world, so that we can experience the peace and wellbeing that is each person's birthright.

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