This summer I have been honored to make many flower essences from beautiful flowers in my garden and in my community.  The power of flower essences to support our emotional well being is truly remarkable.  When we add in flower essences to our wellness repertoire, any change we want to make receives an instant boost of harmonious support and we watch as our thoughts and feelings shift in a positive direction. 

The beautiful Borage flower!!

The beautiful Borage flower!!


Want to know something really interesting?  When you are attracted to a particular flower, this is usually the flower that your soul is asking for -- so that you can overcome a thought pattern that is getting in your way of you living your best life.  Here is an example that I hope will help to illustrate this.  A few weeks ago I made a flower essence from the Borage flower (see photo above), but once I made it, I put it in my cabinet with the other essences.  A few days later I realized I was so attracted to this flower that I put a photo of it as my wallpaper on my phone.  The next day, I was really in need of support.  I had been feeling worn down, it was hard for me to see the positive, and this is a rare state for me.  It finally occurred to me to work with the borage flower that I was so drawn to!   I took four drops of the flower essence in my mouth.  A few hours later I watched as my thoughts literally did a 180 degree turn!  My thoughts were redirected to the blessings in my life and I felt renewed energy to go about my life.  I have now been using this essence for over a week and I can report that it really gives courage to my heart, it is uplifting and strengthening and supports me to stay in a place of looking on the 'sunny side' of life when things are challenging.

Bringing the energies of flowers to my clients is a beautiful way for me to fortify the energy work that I offer-- it allows the positive shifts that occur to integrate beautifully.  I look forward to sharing them with you!

Which flower do you choose?

With love and light,


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A Red Chestnut flower bud in Hopewell, New Jersey

A Red Chestnut flower bud in Hopewell, New Jersey

What does it take for me to bring my gifts and my truest self out into the world, in service of others?  I am learning that first I must begin. 

"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. 
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!"  - Goethe

Once I begin I benefit from courage, persistence, faith and community.  I have been reflecting on all of this now that my first Mother's Circle series has come to a close. You see, the idea to lead a class for mothers had been living in my heart and mind for many years. Periodically I would revisit it, sketch something out... and let it be.

A few months ago I felt the time was finally right to launch this class.

The courage came mostly at the beginning, in making the commitment to hold the class.  Being persistent allowed me to stay true to my commitment.  Faith came in the form of trusting my inner knowing that I would be able to provide a beautiful experience for people and that people would show up!  Community were those who participated and those who provided advice and support. I am grateful for each person who helped to make this first series possible.  I am grateful also for the positive feedback I have received about the class. Here is what one participant kindly shared:

Mother’s Circle with Marla has become a really bright spot in my week.  Marla’s presence is warm and pure. The wealth of knowledge and bright yet soft energy she brings to each circle is refreshing, healing and empowering.  While the sessions follow a similar flow, each week has its own unique topic and flavor.  Marla is an example of living from the heart, and she’s an inspirational reminder that we all can embrace life from that deep well of love and light within each of us.

A new four-week Mother's Circle Series, called Freedom from Within will begin on Wednesday May 3.   I welcome you to join me and I would be grateful if you would share this information with someone that you care about. A mom who is seeking more peace within herself, and who is wishing to live more fully from her heart would be just the person who would enjoy it and benefit from it! The series makes a very wonderful Mother's Day gift!  (Each participant will receive two flower elixirs! One of which will come from the Red Chestnut flower -- see this flower bud at the top of this post.) For more information and to sign up click here.


Now that nature is blossoming all around us, I ask each of you -- is there an idea that is living within you that you want to bring out into the world?  I encourage you to begin it!  What a gift it will be when you begin it, and in the process learn more about yourself and see the beauty that it adds to the world around you. 

With blessings,