This summer I have been honored to make many flower essences from beautiful flowers in my garden and in my community.  The power of flower essences to support our emotional well being is truly remarkable.  When we add in flower essences to our wellness repertoire, any change we want to make receives an instant boost of harmonious support and we watch as our thoughts and feelings shift in a positive direction. 

The beautiful Borage flower!!

The beautiful Borage flower!!


Want to know something really interesting?  When you are attracted to a particular flower, this is usually the flower that your soul is asking for -- so that you can overcome a thought pattern that is getting in your way of you living your best life.  Here is an example that I hope will help to illustrate this.  A few weeks ago I made a flower essence from the Borage flower (see photo above), but once I made it, I put it in my cabinet with the other essences.  A few days later I realized I was so attracted to this flower that I put a photo of it as my wallpaper on my phone.  The next day, I was really in need of support.  I had been feeling worn down, it was hard for me to see the positive, and this is a rare state for me.  It finally occurred to me to work with the borage flower that I was so drawn to!   I took four drops of the flower essence in my mouth.  A few hours later I watched as my thoughts literally did a 180 degree turn!  My thoughts were redirected to the blessings in my life and I felt renewed energy to go about my life.  I have now been using this essence for over a week and I can report that it really gives courage to my heart, it is uplifting and strengthening and supports me to stay in a place of looking on the 'sunny side' of life when things are challenging.

Bringing the energies of flowers to my clients is a beautiful way for me to fortify the energy work that I offer-- it allows the positive shifts that occur to integrate beautifully.  I look forward to sharing them with you!

Which flower do you choose?

With love and light,


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