I believe that wellness happens best when we have a community of people who we can connect with on a regular basis, from a place of love and respect.  Seeds of Love was born from that belief. I love being in nature and working with nature's gifts. Seeds of Love offers me the opportunity to connect with people and nature and to facilitate an understanding of the many ways that nature can support our health.

Seeds of Love, a non profit organization, offers a bridge where people come together to connect with their gifts and those of the earth.  We facilitate activities that nourish people and the earth, with the knowledge that we are all connected.  Within a community filled with love, joy and reverence for all of life, we welcome children and individuals with special needs, supporting them so that they can offer their gifts to the world around them.


“I’ve worked with Marla for a couple of years and am always impressed with her love and understanding of children with special needs. Having a grandson with ADHD, I have been blessed to have Marla as a colleague. She has my prayers and support as she builds her ministry to support the needs of children on the autism spectrum.”  

- Yvonne Perry, Author, Coach, Practitioner of Light Codes www.weare1inspirit.com


 Workshops and activities offered will include: 

- Relaxing and Revitalizing in the garden -- a respite for caregivers and mothers

- Children's circles of love and light - an opportunity for children to experience what they already know -- that plants and crystals are magic!

- Love and Light with Nature for All Circles -- Intimate gatherings welcoming individuals with Autism and special needs in a circle with others.  

- Healing Walks in Nature

All of our programs include a time for guided meditation so that individuals can experience the peace and wisdom that resides within.

"Nature teaches us all that we need to know about ourselves and about how we relate to others. Nature is a mirror of what we are and can be."  - Anna Lee and Marla Ima Shanti  Founders, Seeds of Love

Anna and Marla at the Other Castle Farm in Hopewell, the site of Seeds of Love.   

Anna and Marla at the Other Castle Farm in Hopewell, the site of Seeds of Love.   

 Seeds of Love is:

A Living Classroom of Respect, Joy and Connection

Creating Communities

Nurturing Caregivers

Developing Skills

Sparking Connection

A community of common purpose, shared work and mutual understanding. 

" Anna & Marla exude compassionate hearts of vision and realization as they work alongside our most precious rainbow jewels, our New Children. Their sensory approach, which balances and augments the lives of these dearest special ones, establishes new horizons for each person."   - Jennifer Templeman, CreatedbyIndigo, Energetic Facilitator


From our highest selves, all individuals at Seeds of Love work in a way that honors the gifts of the earth and of each other. We understand that each person has something to teach us.

Garlic cloves, waiting to be planted in the soil.

Garlic cloves, waiting to be planted in the soil.

Carefully watering the garlic bulbs.

Carefully watering the garlic bulbs.

So much love went into the planting of the garlic cloves in the fall!  And the garlic are truly flourishing. What a joy it was to harvest the garlic scapes recently. Thank you to each blessed being whose hands touched this soil and thank you garlic plants!


At Seeds of Love, developing a beautiful partnership with each family is our goal.  We believe that parents and their children are our partners and with us, will carry out the vision we seek:  

Community. Wellness. Growth

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